19″ Amtech Age 1 Guitar Echo age one Tapeecho Delay Hank Marvin

19″ Amtech Age 1 Guitar Echo age one Tapeecho Delay Hank Marvin


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(AK: 419-5)

Hier eine der angesagtesten Echomaschinen für „den Sound der Shadows“ und mehr, made in Schweden!

Dies ist sicherlich das beste Delay wenn man kein altes Bandecho benutzen möchte!
Ein Traum für Hank Marvin Fans !
Sehr guter Zustand, sehr selten !

19″ Gehäuse, 1 HE, inklusive original Fußschalter

Features & Specs:

AGE-ONE is the first all electronic version of the tape and disk echo machines to be marketed. These machines were used by practically all guitar players during the 60s and 70s.
AGE-ONE is not in any way to be compared with the various digital delay units and delay pedals nowadays commonly used by guitar players.
AGE-ONE gives you a warm, living and natural echo sound, imitating the old-fashioned tape machines with a fantastic realism.
AGE-ONE has seperate loops for a connection between guitar and amplifier or aconnection to an effects loop on any amplifier or PA system.
AGE-ONE is equipped with a six position selector to let you choose between six different preset echo types. All settings can be fine-tuned to your exact requirements with the other four controls.
AGE-ONE fulfills all the demands and suggestions that we have recieved during the long development process, which we spent together with several of the famous guitar players who initiated this project.
AGE-ONE is a classic example of technology used in an optimum way to give you a bright and beautiful sound.
AGE-ONE was developed with one distinct goal : It should sound as much as possible like the old-fashioned tape and disk echo machines, no more no less.
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